Jin Shin Jyutsu Treatment

How long is a session?

Your appointment will be one hour. The actual Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment itself is approximately 50 minutes in length. I allow time after your treatment to discuss Self-Help.

How do I prepare?

Dress comfortably . You will only remove your shoes. A lighter rather than heavy meal is suggested if you eat before you come so the body’s energy is not focused on digestion.

What is a session like?

You will lie fully clothed on a padded table with shoes removed on your back with any additional pillows or bolsters needed for your comfort. Accommodation can easily be made for injuries, those confined to wheelchairs, or other specific needs. We’ll talk about your reason for coming, areas of discomfort or pain and what you are hoping to gain from treatment. The reasons may be physical, emotional, relaxation or possibly a combination of all of these.

I’ll then listen to your pulses at the wrist, similar to traditional Eastern medicine to discern not what is “wrong” with you, but what your body is doing to bring itself to harmony and balance. I apply gentle touch without pressure or massage in sequences or “flows” to assist the body in reaching it's goal on specific locations on the body, depending on what is to be done.

What will I feel during the session?

Many report a deep feeling of relaxation. You may notice different body sensations such as bubbling or gurgling as the digestive system responds, tingling, a feeling of energy movement. People often fall asleep and describe a quieting of their constant mind chatter, which can be a great relief!

What happens after?

You may also continue to notice changes, both physical and emotional for 8 hours or more after your treatment. Changes may include:

  • improved sleep

  • deep relaxation and less physical tension in the body

  • a greater sense of well-being and calmness

  • a decrease in uncomfortable emotions

  • a feeling of mental clarity

  • a decrease in physical symptoms

Before you leave, we will talk a bit about Self-Help. I will suggest one or two simple holds you can do on yourself to continue the “work” we have done together.

How often should I come?

This depends on you and the “project” you are working on. Chronic conditions such as pain, migraines, cancer or fibromyalgia benefit from more sessions, especially if you are utilizing medications or treatments with side effects. Acute conditions such as whiplash, sports injuries or a sudden frozen shoulder may be resolved quickly. It depends on the condition and the effect. I do not prescribe, but we can talk about your individual needs. I find that individuals who embrace the Self-Help aspect of Jin Shin Jyutsu move more quickly to their goals.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is intended to complement, not replace, the advice of your physician or healthcare professional. individuals are advised to seek medical assistance commensurate with their specific needs.